Start Promotion's response to the new Code of Ethical Business Practice MedTech Europe

The new Code of Ethical Business Practice adopted by MedTech Europe introduces more stringent rules regarding interactions between medical technology industry and HealthCare Professionals (HCPs), thus generating a strong request for information in all subjects involved, as well as a need to find out reliable and expert partners who can ensure full compliance with the new regulations.

ForEthical by Start Promotion Eventi was founded as a response to these needs, with the aim of becoming a meeting point between industry and HealthCare Organizations (HCOs) by providing a full range of services to support participation of HCPs to Third Party Organized Educational Events, in accordance with the principles of the new Code.

ForEthical by Start Promotion Eventi targets its professional services to both medical technology industry and HCOs, striving to be a qualified consultant for the management of any kind of funds and supports earmarked to the advancement of genuine education of HCPs (Educational Grant or Funding Agreement).
For this purpose: